Wok 'N Roll

Wok 'N Roll is the ultimate summer spot for sushi, pre-gaming, and specials!! This Chinese/sushi spot is known for being a rock 'n roll paradise. Old records and song lyrics line the walls and the menu is decked out with tons of rock 'n roll-inspired item titles. The owner, Scott, is always looking for new ways to make the restaurant fun and exciting, and that includes so many events coming up in February and beyond!

Here are some upcoming dates to note:

February 25th: FAT TUESDAY! Beads Beads Beads $3 shots

February 29th: Leap Day! Celebrate your Leap Day birthday with a free dessert and penny drinks!

Every Saturday Night is ladies night 8 PM-10 PM $4 wells drinks

Starting March 5th: Drag Bingo! X-rated, sassy banter, perverted prizes, and an ultimate money jackpot

* Hosted by Drag Queens Pandora DeStrange and sidekick Tragique

The rolls here are FANTASTIC. The two pictured below are the R-E-S-P-E-C-T roll and the LAYLA LOLI. Check out the menu here and comment below if you figured out all the rock 'n roll references! They also have an extensive specialty drink menu that includes "Smok'n in the Boys Room", a rosemary smoke-infused whiskey drink. So. Good. If you mention "The Scottsdale Blonde" you can get $5 sake bombs any night!