Where to live in Scottsdale $1000-$1500/month

Welcome new residents & residents looking for a change!

I have lived in Scottsdale since 2018 and have a lot of experience in the area. I'm currently moving (due to lack of space in my current apartment - thanks coronavirus) and I have done a TON of research on apartments in the $1000-$1500 price range.

Before I get started, I just want to let you all know of the various living options we have in Scottsdale.

House types:

Apartment: Most apartments have a pool and gym. In Arizona, the summers are extremely hot and you want to have access to a pool. If you don't have friends in the area, I would recommend choosing this housing type. It will help you make friends, and you will be able to stay cool.

Townhouse: These are great 2 story places with a little backyard area. These are a great option if you have a dog or if you need more space, but want to keep the cost down. Many townhouse communities also have a pool, but it probably won't be a nice one.

Condos: Some condos will have a patio area, but many are on the second floor, so they are similar to apartments, just bigger. Similar to townhouses, some will have a community pool.

Houses: I don't necessarily recommend getting a house in Scottsdale unless you're willing to pay well over $1500.

Areas of Scottsdale

I will only be providing options in Arcadia, Old Town Scottsdale, and South Scottsdale. Many of mine and Kaleb's friends live in Old Town and Tempe, so we try to stay in that area.

Arcadia: This is the area in-between Phoenix and Scottsdale. It's safest to stay in the area with a Scottsdale zip code, but the closer you get to the Phoenix border, the cheaper apartments are. I love this area because it is 15 mins from downtown Phoenix, 10 from Old Town, and 15 from Tempe. It's right in the middle of the 3 most popular areas!

Old Town Scottsdale: Undoubtedly the most popular area for 21-25-year-olds. This is where all of the nightlife and popular restaurants are. It is also the most expensive. If you're okay with living in a smaller apartment and being within walking distance to all the action, then this is the right area for you.

South Scottsdale: This is a great area for apartment hunting. You will find more square-footage for a lower price, but you need to visit the apartment to see the area around it. Some of the apartments are really nice and in good areas, and some I wouldn't feel safe in. Some of the areas in between Scottsdale and Tempe are a little sketchier, so just make sure you feel safe before signing the lease.

North Scottsdale: This area can be a great place to live for older couples. It's definitely a nice community and is known to be a little older and wealthier. There can be great deals, and there are plenty of upscale restaurants and shopping around. This is the area where Kaleb and I go to church and do our specialty shopping. I will not be listing apartments in this area (possibly in the future).

Finally, here is a list of great apartments in Scottsdale. I've gathered these prices over the last 6 months, so double-check current prices on their websites! I hope this helps you find your perfect home.

The Moderne

1bd 1bth $1545

669 sq ft


1bd 1bth $1355

732 sq ft

San Tropez

1bd 1bth


849 sq ft


2bd 1bth $1425

900sq ft

San Antigua - McCormick Ranch

1bed 1bth $1375

942 sq ft

Camden San Paloma

1bed 1bth $1249

916 sq ft

Camden Old Town

1bd 1bth $1399

628 sq ft


1bd 1bth $1170-$1290

669 sq ft


2bd 2bth $1400

1018 sq ft

Colonial Grande

1bd 1bth $1333

1009 sq ft

Scottsdale 52

2bd 1 bth $1195

900 sq ft


2bd 1 bth $1300

937 sq ft

Arcadia 4127

2bd 2 bth $1210

950 sq ft


2bd 2bth $1,492 after tax

1042 sq ft