What To Do When You're Over the Club Scene

Hello friends!

I am here to give you some advise on what to do when you're over the club scene. If you've been in the Old Town scene for quite some time now, then you know what I am talking about. The day comes when your youthful desire to continue partying like you’re still in college comes to an end. Or does it?...

I was partying in Old Town for about 2 years before it really hit me. I had been to all the clubs in the Entertainment District, I was tired of crappy alcohol from promoter tables, and I was fresh into a new relationship. I'm the kind of person who uses alcohol as liquid courage, but it's hard to have real conversations with someone when lil uzi vert is blasting through the speakers louder than Alison Wonderland at Hard Summer.

Fast forward to now. I made a transition and did a lot of research that has led me to the bars I frequently attend today, and I feel like my partying spirit has been awakened. Below are a group of bars around Old Town hidden away from the craziness that is the Indian Plaza. Here they are and why I love them:


An obvious choice for this list. Boondocks has been around forever, and is a go to spot for anyone age 22-35. Mostly graduated students who are over the club scene and want something that's still really social. This place gets PACKED fri & sat nights. It's also worth mentioning that this is a country bar, but top 100's are also frequently played. Also a great bar for live music, and activities.

The Hot Chick

The new kid in town. This 80's themed bar is all the rage right now. Younger crowd, and a lot of ASU kids. I've never been here without seeing someone I know. It's also an arcade bar and probably has more games than all other Scottsdale bars combined. Check out their Instagram, as they have deals every day of the week.

Pattie's 1st Lounge

Great place for CHEAP drinks!! I once got a drink and two tequila shots here for $15. That's a steal when you compare with the prices of other places in Scottsdale. It also has a really cool atmosphere, and there are dollar bills lining every wall. It's more of an old bar with an older crowd, but definitely worth the visit. I come here to pregame a lot before going to other bars/clubs.

Some other options: Gilligans, Coach House, & Shady Park (Tempe)

To be continued... I'm always looking for more relaxed-vibe bars so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments!