The Vibrancy of Scottsdale AZ

There are a lot of reasons to love Scottsdale, but from a 23 year old's perspective here are a few...


Scottsdale is know for their nightlife. If you're out and about at night it won't take you long to realize that half the people around you are vacationers here for the weekend. When a city is crowded with lots of bachelor/bachelorette groups, you know its a party hub. What makes it one of the most vibrant versitlile city for nightlife, is the expansive list of bars and clubs ranging from high-end celebrity-visited clubs like Bottled-Blonde and Maya to small hole-in-the-wall dive bars like Patti'es 1st Lounge.


Scottsdale is also an incredibly friendly city. When you walk the streets you get smiles and hellos, staff at restaurants and bars are welcoming to locals and newbies, and everyone seems to be in a calm restful mood. The culture in Scottsdale is very centered around relaxation, fun, and emotional & physical well being. While we may be full of anxiety, we like to pretend our only worry is what activity we should do next or where we should get our next specialty cocktail.


That brings us to the main reason Scottsdale rises above all other places to live. ALL. THE. ACTIVITIES.

Scottsdale is full of life and diversity. This brings with it a variety of amazing activities both within the city, and throughout the cities surrounding it. Here are some examples:




Food Festivals