The Ultimate Grand Canyon Experience

Happy Monday everyone! While I still have all the experiences fresh in my mind, I’m going to write a comprehensive guide on my trip to the Grand Canyon. I’d like to start by saying, this trip was sponsored by my amazing dad. He likes taking extravagant trips, and I only get to spend a limited amount of time with him every year, so I’d like to thank him for taking the time and money to create such a special vacation. Because of this, I have limited knowledge on the expenses of the trip, but I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have.

*Pictured above is El Tovar and the 1st night's meal at the El Tovar Restaurant.

The trip started with about a 4 hour drive to our hotel. We stayed at the Kachina Lodge in the Grand Canyon Village. I would highly recommend staying here as it feels like you’re staying in a big cabin, and you’re literally right next to the edge of the canyon. While our little hotel didn’t have a restaurant, El Tovar (to the left of us) had great dinner and a bar and The Bright Angel (to the right) had a great breakfast/lunch restaurant. Overall, the Katchina looks a little old from the outside, but the rooms are updated and very nice. I would recommend asking for a room with a view of the canyon. Another thing to note, is that because the lodges are on government property, they are very limiting with their alcohol. Once you hit a certain limit they have set, they won’t serve you no matter how intoxicated or sober you look. Bring your own alcohol! It’s cheaper, and you can drink as much as you want in your room.

*Pictured above are views from various points around the edge of the Grand Canyon and from the helicopter

Moving on to activities at the canyon. On Saturday, we had a helicopter ride booked for 2:00PM with Papillon. This was undoubtedly one of the most magnificent experiences of my life. We were up in the air for 45 minutes and got a tour of the entire canyon. The time of the day was perfect, because visibility was great, and the snow added an extra element to the scenery. If you have the money for it, I would recommend this 1000%. After the helicopter ride, we went on a hummer tour with Buck Wild Hummer Tours. We were able to drive straight from the airport 2 minutes to the hummer, and because it’s off season we got our own hummer! This tour was meant to take us to the best sunset spots, but unfortunately by this time the weather was starting to get cloudy and foggy, so no sunset. We still enjoyed incredible views from lots of locations, and our tour guide Russell was great. You’re able to book these two adventures together when planning your trip.

On Sunday, the fog and rain came in as we left the Grand Canyon to go to Sedona. Sedona is on our way home, and we decided to stop in to visit a Psychic Medium and show my dad the sites. I’ve been wanting to visit a medium for a while now, and found a place called the Mystical Bazaar that has lots of different kinds of readings. My reader’s name was Jewels. I know a few people that have passed away and I have always been curious about supernatural communication. When I walked in, she took my hands and said a silent prayer. She then allowed me to begin recording the session. Right away she felt someone who I wasn't sure would come through. I’m not going to get into details, but this person in my life wasn’t someone that would have been easy for her to guess, and she got every. detail. right. It was so spot on that I started tearing up, and it really seemed extremely genuine from her. I don’t know how she could have ever made such accurate guesses, and if I were a fake medium reader, I would have gone in a completely different direction with my guesses based on my age and circumstances. The second person was a great grandparent, but all of the characteristics she pulled were also very accurate. After these two she had a hard time pulling in any other spirits. She pulled in someone I didn’t recognize, and let that spirit go (could’ve been a random guess she was making and played it off – or a real spirit unrelated to me trying to send a message?), so anyway we ended up with some time at the end. At this point I was feeling confused because the beginning of the reading was so intense and spot on and then the end pretty much fizzled out and made me question the accuracy, but what came next would bring us full circle. She is also an experienced Tarot card reader, and asked if I wanted a reading, I have always been interested in relationship readings, so I asked her for one. I can’t even tell you how spot on this reading was. She read my exact relationship. She got our struggles, she read his personality, and it was like I was talking to someone that already knew us. So, bringing it all together, there were some moments when she was a little off base, but overall I was very impressed with the reading. Whether she can literally read my mind or is actually talking to spirits I will never know, but I am definitely open to readings like these in the future.

In addition to the medium reading, my dad also got a photograph of his aura and I picked up a beautiful ring with aquamarine stone. When picking the stone, I closed my eyes and opened them to see which ring I was drawn too, This stone is known for sharpening intuition, enhancing creativity, aiding in verbal expression, providing emotional stability, being excellent for meditation, encouraging the ability to curb fears, is helpful for the eyes, teeth, and bones, and opens the throat chakra,

*Pictured above are images from Sedona, AZ

Tips for the trip

  • If you’re going in the winter Bundle up!! Multiple layers, scarves, hats, and gloves. You’ll need it all.

  • It’s warmer in the helicopter. Less layers are needed here. You also will probably not get a good photo outside the helicopter. When they are turned on, they make you hurry to get inside.

  • Don’t go to the bright angel bar. It smells like Marlboro reds and is not a cute place to be.

  • Try to go to the canyon when the weather is good. Rain and fog really ruin the great view.

  • Bring your own alcohol! A nice bottle of wine would have been nice to have for the room.

  • Go to the Hudson in Sedona! It’s a great restaurant with a view of the mountains.