Most Reliable Sunday Fun-day Spot – The District

The District on Sundays is always a popular spot. It’s connected to the Pool Party hotspot Maya and is right in the middle of the Saddlebag strip. If you’re worried about getting to Maya early or another normally crowded club falls short on Sunday, District always has a consistent crowd.

They have great Bloody Mary’s if you’re hungover, and there’s always seating.

At night this spot is subpar, and I don’t know anyone that targets it as a go to spot aside from stopping by in a transition to and from Maya. Just make sure you have a wristband on if you’ve paid to get into Maya, because when Maya is payed, they don’t let you back in through the District. District and Bottled Blonde have similar crowds, but District’s is a little less boujee. 10/10 do not recommend buying a table here if you are thinking about it.

Location: Entertainment District

Cover Charge: None