Special Spots for Date Night

Olive & Ivy

Olive & Ivy is my number one choice for Date Night. It's a Scottsdale favorite located right in the heart of Old Town next to Scottsdale Fashion Square.

The restaurant boasts Mediterranean cuisine, but there is something for everyone, and while their drinks can be pricey, the food menu is relatively affordable. Fresh bread with pesto sauce is also offered at the beginning of every meal. Specialty drinks include their fresh mojitos and sangria. The lights are dreamy, the tables separated, and the ambiance is very romantic. This is a classier option and everyone will undoubtedly be dressed to impress.


AZ88 is a beautiful contemporary restaurant in Scottsdale. They are best known for their martinis and other specialty drinks, as well as their always-changing artwork instillations.

The unisex bathrooms are lit up in neon, and the restaurant as a whole has a different atmosphere depending on what time/day you visit. Their cocktails are served in huge martini glasses filled right to the brim and are poured as triples. I would love this spot for date night because it is so different and interesting. If you're looking to get out of the Old Town norm and try something new and exciting, then this is the spot you want to try.

The Hidden House

The Hidden House is located in Chandler, AZ. If you're more into that area or want to get out of the city, then this is a great spot. The entire place is very trendy and elegant. You get a beautiful view of the sunset sitting on the front or back patio, and while it is a half in/half outdoor restaurant, you still get an upscale experience.

Sumo Maya Sumo Maya was the spot I went to on my very first Valentine's date last year. I love this spot because it is so eclectic, but I don't recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like loud party music. I loved it, because going there is such a uniquely cool experience, and I love trying new things and visiting places that are super different. The Mexican Asian inspired food is fantastic and it's pretty easy to get in the day of if you're a late planner.

Second Story

Second Story has always been one of my date night favorites. It's very loungey, and you can get a table outside on the balcony overlooking Scottsdale rd. The tables are a bit small, but the food and cocktails make up for it.

Hula Tiki

This was a recent find and is located right across from Pattie's 1st Lounge. I love the ambiance of this spot, and definitely recommend it for the couple looking for great food in a more casual environment.


Obon, located in the Scottsdale Quarter, is a great romantic spot for sushi lovers. Obon has great unique elegant sushi options while being a more casual venue. Scottsdale Quarter is a romantic area to walk through at night and there are plenty of places to get a late-night glass of wine after dinner.

Roka Akor

Roka Akor is an upscale Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale. The servings are small but so worth the quality. This spot is the perfect restaurant for any couple looking for a high-end date night experience. The wine and sake lists are also full of incredible choices.