Salt River Tubing

The classic Arizona hot weather activity filled with booze, tubes, and tunes.

#SaltRiverTubing is an #Arizona favorite when it comes to cooling off, and spending a Saturday with friends. Tubes are available for rent at the pickup location, and once you've dropped off your car you and your friends can take a bus to one of two marks (about 2 hours or 5.5 hours). Tubes are $18 each, and as of recently they take card! You will also need to leave an ID per 4-5 guests if you're renting a tube. You can also rent cooler tubes to dump all of your drinks/ food into with ice you bring from home. I would recommend getting there before 11, and make sure you have a DD because it's 30-45 mins away from Scottsdale.

Things to remember include lots of ice, marshmallows, and sunscreen.

You can tie your tubes together with rope, but I would only recommend this with a small group. It's common to hit the sides of the river where there are lots of trees after going through rapids (even though they are small), and it can be difficult/dangerous when you can't maneuver easily.

Overall the salt river is great for an all day drinking activity when it gets above 100. The river is filled with Arizonians of all ages once June hits, and is a favorite weekend activity. It may be something you only do once or twice a summer, but it will be an activity you talk about with your friends long after.

Must Haves:

Water bottles!!!

Ice for anything that needs to stay cold

A fitted sheet for any rented tubes (they get scorching hot in the sun- twin fitted is perfect)

Water shoes/ old sneakers

Sunscreen (bring a spray for the river)

Waterproof pouch for car keys/other electronics (wouldn't recommend bringing anything un-necessary)

Good to Haves:

Lots of alcohol (no glass bottles- I tend to go for beer & canned vodka soda)

Hat, sunglasses

Hydroflask/ any cold-drink cup to keep your current drink cold

Marshmallows (these get thrown a lot)

Water guns

Speaker for music (& just one phone)

Plastic bags for anything not waterproof

Sandwiches/ snacks (I bring uncrustables)