Irish Dive Bar - Pattie's 1st Ave Lounge

Pattie’s is the perfect place for cheap drinks & hanging out with friends, and is a great bar to visit for a unique dive bar experience. The walls of Patties are packed with signed dollar bills, and there's tons of old memorabilia around the bar to look at. Pattie's is also a great place to people watch, because the bar attracts such an eclectic crowd.

I love coming here to pregame old town with a big group, and on off days with my boyfriend to play ping pong and drink casually.

With vodka sodas only being $5, this place is the cheapest you’ll get.

There are multiple ping pong tables out on the weekdays, and a billiards table available 24/7. There will always be tables available for sitting until it starts getting late Friday and Saturday. These days the bar fills up with people of all ages, and it gets harder to get a drink quickly from the bar.

This bar is outside the Entertainment District, but it’s still a short enough walk (about 10 mins).

Drinks Cost: $5-12

Dress Code: Casual

Cover Charge: None