Old Town spots for high energy groups



Sumomaya is the ultimate brunch spot. For $32 you can get unlimited brunch with shared plates, an entrée, and dessert. Adding $15 gives you the choice of unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Margaritas, Micheladas, or Draft Beers.


Bevvy is a great spot to rage during the day or at night. They are a super high energy spot for brunch and that's what makes them so great for high energy groups. On Saturday and Sunday you can order a personal bottle of brut rose, or prosecco for $15 from 11-3PM. At night, you'll find this bar completely full.


RnR is one of the most popular spots for brunch on Sundays. You might have to wait 2 hours to get in, but once you do you'll be surrounded by some of the most high energy individuals in Old Town. People in themed costumes for their bachelor/bachelorette weekends, some standing next to tables dancing instead of sitting, and lots of drinking.


Diego Pops

This is a great lower budget spot for a high energy group. Diego Pops has great food and a great atmosphere. They still have plenty of cute spots for photos and they are a very close walk from all the bars in Old Town.

Toca Madera

Toca Madera is my number 1 pick for a high energy dinner. Super high energy fun atmosphere with lots to look at. This is the perfect spot for photos and elaborate cocktails. You're paying for the experience when you come here.

Maple & Ash

This high-end spot is similar to Toca Madera, just a little moodier. Dress to the 10's here and if you want a little more privacy for your high energy shenanigans then book one of their private rooms.



This is a great spot for large groups because of the space. This spot is highly frequented by 23-35 year old's and a local's favorite. It's a great spot to start out before hitting other bars.


This spot got popular after their elaborate Christmas decorations during Dec of 2020. Its a super casual spot for getting hammered before going out.

The Hot Chick

This spot is super popular especially since reopening after burning down at the beginning of the pandemic. It's 70's themed and has tons of fun arcade games inside.



These have always been popular spots. Maya pool parties are still running so half of their outdoor area is covered by their pool. The other half is their clubhouse with outdoor games. They are connected to The District. This spot has more clubby vibe and is partially indoors.

Bottled Blonde

This is one of the higher end clubs. I've seen the most celebs frequent this club. They play a mix of Hip Hop and EDM

Any other club in the vicinity of these are going to be great for high energy groups. They are all really similar and the only difference is really how crowded they typically get or how worth it their tables are to buy. Message me on my "Personal Recommendations" page and I'll help you choose the best club for your group.