How to Avoid a Nasty Hangover

The holidays are coming, and that means young-adult drinking levels are at an all-time high. Whether you're a going out regular, or just an occasional drinker, we've all been victim to vicious hangovers. If you can relate, this is a blog post made especially for you. A guide to the best ways to avoid the dreaded day-after downer.


Inflammation and Oxidative Issues occur from over-drinking, and taking an extra multivitamin or drinking pomegranate juice can battle the bad effects.

Eat a hearty meal before going out

Don't skip dinner just to stay skinny in your going-out outfit. Eating something fatty or with red meat will help you the next morning. Red meat has a high concentration of amino acids and B vitamins. These will help your body process the alcohol!

Drink 2 cups of water before bed

Doctors will say this disrupts your sleep pattern, because you have to get up so frequently, but my reality is that it has always helps me in the morning. If you're not hydrating during the day or while you're drinking, then you need to supplement before bed. Otherwise, make sure you are drinking water between drinks (but really who has time for that).

Drink only one type of alcohol all night

My worst hangovers have come after nights of drinking multiple types of alcohol. Personally, I stick to only Tequila now, but do what works for you. DO NOT drink beer/liquor/champagne together. Period.

Avoid all sugary chasers.

Just trust me on this one. The hangovers from pineapple and orange juice are especially bad. They make these chasers so sugary, your body won't know what to do with itself, and you'll end up laying in the floor the entire next day staring at the ceiling and wondering what went wrong. It was this decision. Instead, do either soda water or just water with real limes/lemons. My go-to drink at any bar is a tequila soda with lots of lime slices. This drink is super CHEAP and keeps me from getting hangovers!

Do NOT drink liter bottles of wine

I am pretty much a cheap wine expert at this point, and I can tell you the fastest way to get a wine-hangover is drinking a whole liter bottle of cheap wine. Last weekend I had two glasses and woke up with a hangover the next morning, but drank tequila all night and was fine after. Cheaper is not better. If you're trying to save, go for box wine. Recommended: Block Red from Trader Joe's.

The Magic Pill

Last but BEST tip I have! This amazing little pill called Dihydromyricetin was featured on Call her Daddy, and has been tested by all of my roommates. I've included the link here from Amazon. If you take this pill before drinking, it will keep you hydrated all night, and you are almost guaranteed to wake up feeling better than sub-par. I have yet to see someone take it and get a terrible hangover. Invest in a whole bottle for special occasions or weekly use.

Hope some of these helped! Comment below what you're favorite hangover prevention/remedy is!