Hash Kitchen is Bloody Mary Heaven

#HashKitchen is #BloodyMary heaven. If you are looking to get the craziest, fullest, tastiest Bloody Mary in Scottsdale, this is the place to do it. They are well known for the breakfast/brunch, and it’s a favorite spot for locals on the weekends.

The Bloody Mary bar hosts over 40 craft toppings.

It attracts a lot of young families and young adults, and while you are probably going to be waiting 30 mins for a table (this is going to be the case most places for brunch on weekends), you can head to the Bloody Mary Bar to craft your creation while you wait. They trade off between different themes so they’ll always have different extras with their main spread.

Come to hash if you’re looking to get out of inner old town for brunch. They’re within Scottsdale, but not in walking distance from the center of Old Town. And if you’re not a Bloody Mary fan, they also have other fun specialty drinks.