Tips & Tricks for feeling better during the quarantine

Happy August everyone!

I know I'm not the only one feeling down during the current times. This blog post is to share some tips & ideas for happier living.


Bike riding

Walking around your neighborhood

20 min pilates, yoga, meditation, exercise classes on YouTube


Jumping jacks in between work tasks


Personal Training - I recommend Jesse Hutchens (I don't -but know many people who do and I can seriously see the results)

Order a new workout outfit or water bottle

Learn how to skateboard

Try alternatives to your bad eating habits/try grocery shopping at a healthier store

Order workout bands, weights, or a mat to make home workouts easier

Get a facial

Try a cleanse

Get a dog


Therapy! Even if you don't have a mental illness, I promise you everyone can benefit. I personally have been seeing a therapist to deal with my anxiety & COVID related topics throughout quarantine. I use BetterHelp where you can video/call/message with your therapist, but there are lots of other options too.

Move to a bigger space if you feel claustrophobic in your current place.

Keep a journal of your day to day life & feelings

Write down what you're thankful for

Zoom or call a friend once a week

Take a personality quiz


Attend church online

Learn more about Crystals & place them around your home

Learn Tarot

Incense & Candles

Burn sage

Start a bible study (There are lots on amazon)


Listen to worship music/meditation music

Find out what your love language is


Host a wine & painting zoom class

Learn a program on Adobe Creative Cloud

Start a blog

Find a project on Pinterest and go for it

Write yourself a letter to open after quarantine

Make a mood board

Lookup a new recipe and try it

Order a new board game


Get your nails, hair, or eyelashes done

Order a do-it-yourself kit and learn how to save money on something you get done regularly

Try a TikTok trend

try a new makeup look

Order clothes that fit. It's okay that you gained weight during quarantine - embrace it and make sure you're wearing clothes that compliment you and make you feel BEAUTIFUL.

Order loungewear so you feel cozy

Get at-home face masks

Try body contouring - I go to Glow Beauty Bar

Learn how to take care of your skin type & start a routine

Get a spray tan or an at-home solution - Scottsdalespraytan is great or Bondi sands foam for at home