Maya - The Center of the Entertainment District

Maya is the most versatile club in Old town. It is Maya Day Club, Clubhouse, Nightclub, and Night swim all in one.

Maya Day Club happens on Saturday and Sunday. It is a Sunday Funday favorite in old town, and you will find promoters hosting tables all day on the weekends. The inside dance floor is closed, and they turn the outside into a pool party. DJ’s like Dimitri Vegas, Borgeous, and Darude are always performing, and even bigger names like Gryffin have made day club appearances. The men’s dress code is strictly enforced and no one will be let in with jeans or cargo pants. The day club boasts swim attire, so come in swim shorts and a tee, or make sure you're wearing a swim suit under your clothes if you're a girl. 90% of people will just be wearing swim suits when you get inside. 3PM is when the real crowd will arrive, but it will be busy long before then. If you’re looking to join the promoting crowd they’ll usually be at Dakota or District right down the street starting at 1PM.

Maya night swim is pretty much the same thing, except it starts at 10PM on designated days. Maya will post on Facebook when they’re hosting these, but they only happen in the summer months.

Recommended drink for both: Fish Bowl $18

Maya Night club attracts a different crowd. There are still promoters who bring in a few groups of young partiers, but recently Maya nightclub has been filled with a lot more middle-aged people, and out-of-towners who don’t know the area well.

Maya Club house is the newest of Maya’s transformations. In the winter months of 2018-2019 Maya completely covered their pool with fake grass and filled their entire outdoor area with games. They had corn hole, ping pong, and a variety of arcade games as well as a taco stand. The crowd here changes too. A lot more down to earth people wearing casual clothing come here, and it’s open during the day and at night separated from the indoor night club. Very similar crowd to places like Boondocks, Whiskey, and Bevvy.

Drinks Cost: $8-18

Cover Charge: Yes Saturday & Sunday / Special Events

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Location: The Entertainment District