Best Cocktails in Scottsdale - AZ88

#AZ88 is a very unique bar & restaurant in Old Town. It is known for its #martinis and other specialty drinks, and has a very contemporary feel with bizarre artwork. The unisex bathrooms are lit up in neon, and the restaurant as a whole has a different atmosphere depending what time/day you visit. Their cocktails are served in huge martini glasses filled right to the brim, and are poured as triples.

The restaurant is located next to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and is known to be a hangout for musicians, artists, and audience members after shows.

The people you’ll see here are a bit of an older crowd. It’s a lot of young and middle aged professionals, scholarly, and artsy looking people.

During the day the place is relatively empty. The music choice is elevator/ orchestral, and then atmosphere feels very old school meets contemporary boujee. There is a mix between casual dressers and semi-formal attire. Overall, it’s a very relaxing spot to go for an afternoon turndown drink, and the appetizers are a great snack.

At night, the music gets louder and the crowds come in. It’s a great spot for a fancy date night dinner, and later in the night the bar gets the busiest. If you show up after 7 fri-sat in casual attire, you won't fit in with the crowd.

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